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Brian Sanders

Brian Sanders has been a professional artist for five decades during which time he has worked in every area of the illustrative arts ranging through newspapers, magazines, book publishing, government agencies, film, television and art education.  His work has encompassed all formats, from large-scale military paintings to postage stamps, of which he has designed over fifty sets world-wide, from Great Britain, The Isle of Man and the Channel Isles, to the Marshal Isles of the Pacific.  As well as “A History of WW2 in Postage Stamps” he has also designed a series of forty coins for the Marshal Islands titled: “Historic Fighting Ships”, in tandem with a set of thirty-two stamps.

He has exhibited widely, including one-man shows at The Imperial War Museum, York Castle Museum, The Association of Illustrators Gallery, National Trust of Cornwall Trelissic Gallery and The Sir Rowland Hill Gallery.  There are permanent exhibitions of his work at the James Herriot Museum, Yorkshire and The Unicover Postal Museum in Wyoming USA.  His British stamp art can be seen at The British Postal Museum and Archive.

Working in partnership with the artist and writer, Lizzie Sanders, his wife, they have jointly produced many 3D publications including “An Edwardian Doll House” and a detailed scale paper model kit of Stonehenge. Recently Brian executed the artwork for a large-scale pop-up model for a book about ‘Titanic’, together with other illustrations of the ship.

'Evacuee, a Wartime Childhood' is Brian Sanders' latest work.


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